Happy Valentine’s Day (2.14.13)

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!


For Valentine’s Day, whether you surprise your sweetie with something romantic or send a heartfelt hello to a friend—people appreciate your effort to make them feel special. And it’s a lot easier to send a Valentine now than it was in 270 A.D.  The ruler of the Roman Empire thought single men made better soldiers, so he didn’t want them to marry.  Bishop Valentine performed secret wedding ceremonies anyway…until he was executed on February 14.  A true romantic, Valentine wrote a love note to his jailor’s daughter, signed “From Your Valentine.”  We no longer have to go to such extremes to show our love, but it’s still sweet (and sometimes adorable) to make the effort.  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

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A true long-distance love story (2.6.12)

feb 6, 2012

A true long-distance love story

Miss you, Love you Missing you

A little true love story from the editor today – because this mood board is all about long-distance love, I thought I’d put my personal two cents in due to the fact that I have some personal experience with long-distance love.

Long-distance relationships CAN work – in fact they can thrive! They get such a bad reputation when the truth of the matter is they often make you trust more, love stronger and appreciate the little things. I met someone three months before I moved 465 miles away from them. In those three months I smiled, laughed and fell in love more than ever before. Moving day came and it was hard and sad and everything you would think it would be, but we made it through. Thousands of hours on the phone, hundreds of cards and letters and more than a few dozen plane rides back and forth from Chicago to Pittsburgh and we made it through two and a half years of long distance. Today we’re happily married and we look at the years we spent apart as the time that built the foundation of our relationship. So don’t worry – if it’s meant to be, it will be. Staying connected through distance is easier than ever and don’t forget that love conquers all!

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 missing you postcard from American Greetings

Vintage Love (2.2.12)

Feb 2, 2012

Vintage Love

Sinfully Sweet

 Ah, young love… Do you remember Valentine’s Day when you were younger? Passing out home-made Valentines, hoping to get one from the person you liked – maybe even getting a “Do you like me? Circle YES or NO” note attached! Wouldn’t it be great to bring that innocence back? Well we say give it a try. Pass out hand-made Valentines at work, or if you know your way around the kitchen, bake up some sweet treats! Break out a few red or pink decorations in your office or cubicle, or set out a vase with some simple flowers. Instead of being a Valentine’s Day hater, bring out the silly-but-sweet side of the holiday!

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It’s time for love…

jan 26, 2012

It’s time for L-O-V-E

Smile Valentine

Valentine’s Day is not too far away, and it’s time to paint over the dark and grey mood the weather may be leaving outside with splashes of crimson, cherry, scarlet, red, pink, purple and countless other hues that remind us of love.

We like to think that Valentine’s Day is a day to remind everyone how much we care for them. From parents & siblings, nieces & nephews, friends & best friends, husbands & wives…the list goes on and on. There are countless ways to let someone know you love them – and if you can’t quite find the words – a Valentine’s Day card can certainly help.

Your loved ones will appreciate the gesture whether it’s in the form of an ecard or a personalized paper card. From funny ecards and romantic ecards to cute ecards for the kids – it’s easy to send a little love to everyone in your life. If you know someone who would be super excited to get a Valentine’s Day card in the mail then it’s time to start looking for the perfect one today. Customize Valentine’s Day for everyone in your life!

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Uggie the Wonder Dog!

jan 20, 2012

Uggie the Wonder Dog!

Uggie the Wonder Dog

Whether you’ve seen “The Artist,” or just tuned in for the red carpet at the Golden Globes, chances are you’ve seen the lovable and furry phenom, Uggie. With award season in full swing, Uggie is making press rounds and impressing A-list actors and stealing the hearts of millions of people around the country.

Well, this adorable little dog has had a special place at American Greetings since 2009, when he starred in his first ecards Awwwsome Valentine’s Day and Birthday Kisses. Since then, Uggie has starred in many other ecards, including a Christmas ecard and a Woofy Birthday ecard. It’s pretty easy to see why he’s a fan favorite… Uggie’s owner and trainer, Omar Von Muller is a familiar face at American Greetings, as he owns and trains several other dogs that have starred in a variety of ecards.

Uggie has recently found a sidekick in a younger pup named Dash. Omar also owns and works with Dash, and he uses both dogs interchangeably on set – it’s safe to say that Uggie is showing him the ropes of show business and they are quite the dynamic duo!

Check out Uggie & Dash on YouTube

We are all super proud of Uggie and Dash, and hope they bask in their fame for years to come!  Check out our newest Valentine’s Day ecard starring Uggie and Dash!


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