It’s time for love…

jan 26, 2012

It’s time for L-O-V-E

Smile Valentine

Valentine’s Day is not too far away, and it’s time to paint over the dark and grey mood the weather may be leaving outside with splashes of crimson, cherry, scarlet, red, pink, purple and countless other hues that remind us of love.

We like to think that Valentine’s Day is a day to remind everyone how much we care for them. From parents & siblings, nieces & nephews, friends & best friends, husbands & wives…the list goes on and on. There are countless ways to let someone know you love them – and if you can’t quite find the words – a Valentine’s Day card can certainly help.

Your loved ones will appreciate the gesture whether it’s in the form of an ecard or a personalized paper card. From funny ecards and romantic ecards to cute ecards for the kids – it’s easy to send a little love to everyone in your life. If you know someone who would be super excited to get a Valentine’s Day card in the mail then it’s time to start looking for the perfect one today. Customize Valentine’s Day for everyone in your life!

In the mood board: Smile Valentine Message Valentine’s Day Holiday Card from American Greetings

Laughing in Love

jan 23, 2012

Laughing in Love

Love You More

It’s just about time to circle Valentine’s Day on the calendar and start thinking about everyone you care about – and let’s face it, it doesn’t  get much better than laughing with those you love! Whether it’s inside jokes, or just acting silly together, laughing is something that makes you feel good – and there are even studies that say laughter has many health benefits! This Valentine’s Day, do something to make your hunny laugh – send them a funny Valentine’s Day Greeting Card, go see a funny movie together or simply hang out and reminisce about funny moments you’ve spent together.

In the mood board: Love you more Valentine’s Day holiday card from American Greetings


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