Happy Easter (Sunday, 3.31.13)

March 31, 2013

Easter Blessings!


Easter Mood Board (Wednesday, 3.27.13)

March 27, 2013

The Beauty of Easter…

Happy Easter from stayinspired365.com

With its colorful beauty, lively energy and renewing spirit, “Eastertime” feels more like a whole season than a holiday.  And everyone has their favorite parts about it. For little ones, it’s all about the bunny and the basket and finding the most eggs.  For girls, no matter what age, there’s also the excitement of a pretty new outfit!   And, most importantly for many of us, it’s a time to look to the heavens in a prayer of gratitude for the sacrifice and love that Easter represents…and to count our own blessings as well.

With so much to celebrate at Easter and in the spirit of renewal, remember to send your favorite peeps a card to let them know you’re thinking about them.

In the mood board: Happy Easter! ecard from American Greetings and Easter paper card by Mary Engelbreit

Behind the scenes bunny banter (Wednesday, 4.4.12)

april 4, 2012

Behind the scenes bunny banter

Bunny Banter

Easter is almost upon us and we wanted to share a little behind the scenes fun to show what went into creating our Easter eCard “Easter Bunny Banter.” Our adorable stars of the card, Cletus and Penelope, spent the day being pampered in the spotlight.

A fun fact about this shoot is that we didn’t hire bunnies from a talent agency – Cletus and Penelope are from a local bunny rescue, and it looks like they had quite the day on set, enjoying carrot treats and having plenty of play time. A one-of-a-kind bunny egg plane was built especially for our stars and the outcome is quite a sight. One thing’s for sure – this is an Easter eCard that everyone will love!

The Wonder of Easter (Monday, 4.2.12)

april 2, 2012

The Wonder of Easter

The Wonder of Easter

It’s Easter week! Whether you’re planning on hosting an Easter get-together, or visiting family for this Spring holiday, get in the mood this week with everything Easter. Be sure to check back to the blog often this week, as we’ll be posting some of favorite Easter ecards and beautiful mood boards. What are your Easter plans? Let us know if you’re doing something special and fun!

In the mood board: The Wonder of Easter eCard from American Greetings

Easter = Fun! (Wednesday 3.28.12)

march 28, 2012

Easter = Fun!

When I was little, Easter was always a fun time. It was the official start of Spring in my house, as well as an excuse to go buy a pretty new dress with my mom and the huge Easter basket full of candy and presents didn’t hurt either. From the card fastened to the front of the basket, to the bows on chocolate bunnies and even the pink and green grass peaking out – everything in my basket was always very colorful and vibrant. When you’re picking out Easter cards for little ones, it’s important to capture their attention and, of course, be fun. Easter eCards are the perfect pick because they’re interactive and kids will have a blast replaying them throughout the day. We’re really excited about our assortment of fun Easter eCards this year so check them out and let us know what you think!

In the mood board: Favorite Easter Peeps eCard, Easter Bunny Buzz eCard, Easter Wish for Kids eCard

Spring is in full bloom (Friday 3.23.12)

march 23, 2012

Spring is in full bloom

Easter Wonder

The sun is shining and it’s officially Spring! Celebrate by taking a walk outside and enjoy everything around you. This time of year is truly inspirational as well as beautiful. It’s also time to think about Easter – there’s no need to wait when you can start celebrating the holiday today. Send a special ecard that celebrates Spring, Easter, and everything we love about this time of year. What is your favorite thing about Spring?

In the mood board: Joy of Easter ecard from American Greetings


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